I BEG YOUUU asked by brinegreen

Ahahahahaha, okay okay! We wont!

You have no idea. I’m watching this video on Youtube then I decide to refresh Tumblr and I see 8 messages…. I was like “……..what?” I thought I was imagining it at first. Ahahhah, I wont delete it but I wont be posting as often. Finals/my play/everything stressful are soon. 

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We’re probably deleting tomorrow.

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Actually, if there’s anyone who wants to run this blog instead of us let us know and we can work something out.

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We’re probably gonna delete this blog because we don’t really have time to run it. Sorry, guys.

how many followers do yall have asked by Anonymous

Not many. Last time I checked we had like 215…..

In case any of you guys were wondering this is us. It’s a picture from last summer, so some things have changed, but not very many. The one in the front is Skye and the one in the back is Mika.